Our Special Finishes

Multi-purpose textile are designed and produced more and more, ensuring a combination of stylistic and technological performances. Based on this, we have developed, and continue to develop, special finishes for our fabrics. A great amount of research into increasingly effective and innovative materials, techniques and processes goes into their production.

It is not an easy task to “change the distinctive features” of wool. We have done this, offering a finish that makes it peppy, dry and non-creasing. We have called this “Mano Carta”, our “starchy hand finish”, or simply: MC, as our best customers use this code to define our wools with that very special feel.

Proud of this success, we have gone even further, with two more new “feels”: MG = a peppy, reactive and yet soft finish, and MM = where on top of all the characteristics of this type of finish we have added a silky sensation.

We apply mechanical fulling to give our pure and mixed wools a more or less felted, compact and soft appearance. This finish is created by vigorously rubbing the wet fabric. This process helps the wool to develop a naturally furry surface without however felting it.

Using a sophisticated technology and our “tailor-made service”, we create high-definition laser-finished patterns which are bound to satisfy your creative demands.

We use waterproofing treatments to create fabrics, particularly for outerwear, with increasingly complete characteristics. We offer water-proof and water-repellent finishes for the majority of our fabrics.

Our fabrics can be supplied ready to be embellished with your own exclusive prints, using all methods: ink jet, flat screen, corrosion, pigments.

For both aesthetic and technical aspects we treat our fabrics with transparent or coloured lamination.