We have chosen to do our level best to ensure our fabrics are not only of outstanding quality, but also guarantee a high standard of “responsible care”, so we can provide excellent solutions from the point of view of Quality, Safety, Health and the Environment.


It is a 100% traceable and sustainable global wool brand.
The technological blockchain guarantees transparency and traceability along the entire supply chain. Thanks to the new technological devices, customers can track the journey of their wool, from the farm to the finished garment.
The Nativa wool, completely mulesing-free, comes from the best farms in Argentina, Uruguay, United States, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.


Chemical management 4sustainability

The incentive of the market and our vision for sustainability have led us to seek solutions for a more sustainable production, also from a chemical point of view.

With this goal in mind, we have built a structured path of adoption of the 4sustainabiility Chemical Management Protocol, that truly implements the ZDHC MRSL and periodically measures the level of application in a transparent way.


The IWS (International Wool Secretariat) was founded in 1937 by the sheep farmers of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay (which account for 80% of the wool produced worldwide) to promote the use of pure new wool.

TESSILBIELLA is proud of its IWS licence.

Textile and health

Tessilbiella relies on TESSILE E SALUTE Association as a monitoring support and problem solving referred to our chemical sustainability, to the certification of our qualities ensuring our traceability and the transparency of our supply chain.

TESSILE E SALUTE is nationally recognized as a specialized association that protects the health of consumers for textiles, footwear and fashion products.
We totally share their philosophy according to which it is possible to identify the most effective solutions to prevent the spread of potentially harmful items, protect and promote the Made in Italy only by working together with all the Stakeholders (public and private).


The company’s policy of guaranteeing increasingly high standards has led to the adoption of procedures and a supplier selection process compliant with the REACH regulations. We are paying close attention to developments in issues related to the application of the European Regulation 1907/2006 for the Textile sector.

We have also taken note of the list of substances (candidate list) indicated by the European Agency ECHA, as “of very high concern” (SVHC-Substances of Very High Concern) and all subsequent updates.

These substances are not contained in the items we produce in amounts higher than those permitted by the regulation.